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Night Marathon of the Bydgoszcz Canal since 2007 ● eighteenth edition



  Race procedures in polish






Due to the war and the invasion of UKRAINE by russia and belarus, we, like the vast majority of sports organisations, do not allow athletes from these regimes to participate in our competitions! A similar decision has been taken by e.g.: PKOl, PZLA, World Athletics, European Athletics !





Important information

● During verification at the race office, any authorization to pick up the package on behalf of someone else WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Which means that you will be able to pick up the package only in person after showing your identity document! The office will be closed half an hour before the start.

Earlier starts, before the regulatory start, will result in classification as DNS (did not start). The above does not apply to the masters category, membership of which is determined solely by the organiser.

● The competition is held in a city park with a varied surface (gravel, asphalt). You have to reckon with unevenness, carried pebbles, cones, etc. inconveniences. In addition, the competition is conducted after dusk and at night time, which further promotes dangerous situations!

The competition route runs for a minimum of two short sections in the road lane. The lane includes at least a pavement and a roadway. Participants must run on the pavement ONLY and ONLY! The organiser's service must be strictly adhered to when running up and down the lane!

● Having your own lighting in the form of "headlamp" or other accessories IS mandatory! The route will be illuminated by park lamps, but the organizer is not responsible for the failure of this lighting, which does not belong to the organizer!

● Participation of Nordic Walking athletes, cyclists, inline skaters, etc., such as pacemakers on the marathon route during the competition is prohibited. The organizer does not accept the participation of competitors with dogs and other animals!



 To continue the tradition of the oldest continuously held night marathon in Poland,

To maintain the cult status of the event, i.e. to gather at the start line regular participants who are a symbol of the value of sports and in particular marathon running,

Promotion of the City of Bydgoszcz in Poland, Europe and the world,

Promoting the sports and recreational qualities of the Bydgoszcz Planty, a park located along a unique monument of hydraulic engineering, which is the Old Bydgoszcz Canal, the oldest fully completed waterway in Poland, which connected the basins of Western and Eastern Europe,

Enabling runners to compete in a unique scenery - at night,

Promoting physical culture and sports - the opportunity to run a shorter distance than the marathon distance,

Popularization of long-distance running.


Sports Club "Gwiazda" Bydgoszcz, year of foundation 1920




June 17, 2023 (Saturday) - start of the run at 21:00,

June 18, 2023 (Sunday) - timing off at 03:00,

Race Office - KS "Gwiazda", Bydgoszcz, 45 Bronikowskiego St.



The route leads through park alleys with gravel and asphalt surface around the Old Bydgoszcz Canal. The length of the lap is 4.2195 km, which is exactly 1/10th of the marathon distance. The route is illuminated by park lamps.

Terrain. START/META - 53 m above sea level, then - 48 m above sea level, at the turnaround - 45 m above sea level. That is, to the turnaround we run "downhill" and then to the start uphill.

Start near KS "Gwiazda" on Bronikowskiego Street towards the center, turnaround on the IV Lock on Wroclawska Street. The route can be seen here ROUTE




The competition will be held at six distances that are multiples of 1/10th of the marathon distance. Completing the race at a different - than declared - distance is acceptable and will not result in non-classification in the competition.

Such a change of distance must be reported after the race!

A competitor who finishes the competition at a distance shorter than the half-marathon will not be classified in the results. Only the abbreviation DNF (did not finish) will appear next to his name.


half marathon

6/10 marathon 25.317 km

7/10 marathon 29.5365 km

8/10 marathon 33.756 km

9/10 marathon 37.9755 km


Time measurement - electronic by means of chips attached to the runner's shoes. It is required to return the chip at the finish line!!!

During the race, all competitors must have starting numbers attached to the front of the starting shirt or shorts. Under penalty of disqualification, it is unacceptable to cover the starting number in part or in whole,

The starting number will be personalized and after the race is the property of the participant,

The time limit for all distances is 6.5 hours (390 minutes), and in the masters category the limit is unlimited. Membership in the masters category is determined solely by the organizer.

Competitors completing the lap after the time limit, not belonging to the masters category, are required to stop the race.




The run is open to persons who are at least 18 years old on the day of the start, i.e. born on or before 17.06.2005.

Only those who have made an application and paid the entry fee by the deadline and have been verified at the race office will be allowed to participate in the run.

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Each participant of the race during its duration shall be insured against accidents on the basis of group accident insurance in the scope covering in particular:

         - Benefit for permanent injury resulting from an accident,

         - Benefit for death resulting from a personal accident

  The sum insured in the basic scope is PLN 10,000.00.

The participant has the right to review the insurance contract and the relevant General Insurance Terms and Conditions, which will be made available at the competition office.

Each participant may individually insure himself in a wider - than described above - range at his own expense.




Applications will be accepted only from http://super-sport.com.pl until 25.05.2023. 15 MAY

As of 26.05.2023, 15 MAY the list will be closed.

By sending the form, the applicant agrees to the processing of his personal data for the needs of the organizers and agrees to the use of the image recorded in the form of photography or video recording. The applicant grants the organizer a license to use the captured image in all fields of use, including, in particular, reproduction of the recording of the captured image, posting and publishing on websites, in the press, posters and billboards of the captured image, broadcasting in television and radio transmissions of the captured image,

By sending the online form and/or signing the "Entry Form" in paper form at the competition office, the applicant accepts these regulations,

Compulsory verification of athletes at the KS "Gwiazda" office will be possible on June 17, 2023 (Saturday) from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Identity card is mandatory.




The entry fee for the run, regardless of the declared distance is:

             79 PLN - payable by 30.11.2022.

             99 PLN- payable by  28.02.2023 r. 10.03.2023 r.

           119 PLN- payable by 25.05.2023. 15 MAY


After registration, the entry fee should be transferred to the organizer's account.

Account number

registration closed

Each participant is required to pay the participation fee IMMEDIATELY from the moment of registration for the run. Otherwise, his/her registration will be canceled. It is then necessary to register again.

As of 26.05.2023, 15 MAY deposits are closed. On the day of the competition, the organizer will have a number of race packets and will issue them to those willing to participate in the competition for a fee of PLN 180, payable in cash at the race office. T-shirt size not guaranteed.

It will also be possible to run only with a chip and starting number without a package (no medal, no T-shirt), the fee is PLN 50.

Payments made after 25.05.2023 15 MAY will not be in any way binding for the organizer and will not be refundable.

The fee once paid is not refundable, however, it is transferable to another participant in the race.




Those who complete the run will receive a medal, the same for all distances, i.e. a marathon medal.

Each participant, registered and paid up to 25.05.2023, 15 MAY is guaranteed in the race office a starting package, i.e. a commemorative T-shirt, a commemorative starting number and additional gadgets depending on the financial capacity of the organizer.

An ambulance will be present during the run. To summon it we call and give the exact location of the event, The phone number of the ambulance paramedics will be printed on the starting number, The running route will also be monitored by a mobile paramedic.

On the running route, the organizer will provide beverages and foodstuffs, and will allow the runners to put out their own nutrients.

The organizer will provide free accommodation at KS "Gwiazda" from 16:00, June 17, 2023 (Saturday) until 12:00 on June 18, 2023 (Sunday). Mattresses will be made available.

The organizer provides a depository for belongings. Donation and collection of belongings only upon presentation of the starting number. The organizer is not responsible for things not put into deposit.

Changing rooms, washrooms, toilets and showers will be available at the KS "Gwiazda" facility.

Portable toilets will be available in the START/META area.




OPEN classification will be conducted during the run.

The competitors who complete the marathon (42.195km.) will be classified first - further classification according to the distance run.

Female and male competitors for first place in the marathon (run) will receive prizes in kind. Prizes for men and women for second and third places in the marathon (run) will depend on the budget of the event and are not guaranteed.

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Information will be made available on POLSKIE Maratony.PL ,

Results will be provided on the super-sport.com.pl website

Photo gallery and coverage of the event will be available on POLSKIE Maratony.PL portal,

Contact with the organizers:

POLSKIE Maratony.PL- poczta@polskiemaratony.pl - com. 516 960 682 - marathon director

SPORTS CLUB "Gwiazda" - biuro@ksgwiazda.pl




Filling in the on-line registration form and/or signing the "Registration Card" in paper form in the competition office means that the competitor has assessed the nature, extent and degree of risk involved in participation in the marathon or a shorter distance and has voluntarily decided to take this risk, competing in the marathon or a shorter distance solely at his/her own risk.

By completing the online registration form and/or signing the "Entry Form" on paper at the race office, the competitor fully agrees with the provisions of these rules and agrees to abide by them.

To be classified you must complete the run within the time limit,

All starters are required to sign a statement on starting at their own risk,

The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations, of which he is obliged to inform the competitors at any time after the announcement of the registration through an announcement on the POLSKIE Maratony.PL portal and on the FB profile, or to inform the competitors before the race,

Interpretation of these regulations rests with the Director of the "Night Marathon of the Bydgoszcz Canal since 2007".

Andrzej Derfert, Director of the "Night Marathon of the Bydgoszcz Canal since 2007."

Bydgoszcz, August 2022


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